Sunday, May 1, 2016

Some fun along the way

 Thought I'd hit a few fun moments from my hiatus.  We made ice cream while learning that salt lowers the freezing temperature of a liquid.
 My imp and her impish jack o' lantern.
 Fun with geometry.
 Fall festival type party, eldest daughter was a flower, she made a crown of petals to go around her head...but it didn't make it that long.  Eldest son was a jungle explorer, thank you Wild Kratts. And we spent the rest of the evening convincing Imp not to call herself a Greek Goddess.
 Adventures with Husband Dear--the plus 3 (and me) love to explore with him!
 Candy cane experiments (melting and reshaping candy, who knew it was so educational). ;)
 Jackson Pollock-inspired art on the beach.